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Call Us Today
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The First Sleep Disorder Center In Palm Beach County,  Accredited By The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Member since 1992


Discovery leads to Recovery

The road to recovery starts with the right diagnosis. The first step is a comprehenisve exam by our medical director Dr. Natalio Chediak, scheduled by you or your physician. During the evaluation, Dr. Chediak will access your sleep history and your current medical condition and then determine if diagnostic testing of your sleep is necessary.

Diagnosic testing usually begins with a polysomnogram, a painless non-invasive recording of essential information while you sleep. The test records brain waves, sleep stages, muscle activity, eye movements, heart rhythms, respiratory air flow, oxygen saturation and many more. You sleep right through it!

Another test is the Multiple Sleep Latency Test, a series of naps throughout the day to document daytime sleepiness.

To date, 84 sleep disorders have been identified, each requiring a different treatment directed at the underlying cause. The success rate is over 85% when individualized treatment is implemented. Often treatment requires a team approach with Dr. Chediak, your physician and other specialist.

Treatment may involve relaxation techniques, changes in behavior and sleep habbits, bio feed-back or medication. Other patients may benefit from weight loss, dental appliances or the use of mechanical breathing devices during sleep. In some cases surgery is advised.