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Sleep Disorders

O' Gentle Sleep

Although sleep consumes a third of our lives, it is usually taken for granted and considered a passive state.  Actually sleep is a active state, essential for both physical health and mental well being - not merely "time out" for your daily activities. Most people expect to wake up refreshed and restored after sleeping, but that is not the reality for millions of Americans. Many suffer from sleep disorders year after year, not knowing why they feel tired all the time.

Statistics from a recent Gallup survey for the National Sleep Foundation indicate:
  • One-half of all Americans suffer from sleep disorders
  • More women than men report having sleep problems
  • Seventy percent of those with difficulty have not discussed it with a physican or other health professional

A recent world survey revealed that sleep complaints rise with age. It also stated the key causes for sleep problems are medical conditions, psychiatric disorders, behavioral factors and primary sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome.

Common Sleep Disorders:

Sleep Apnea: Loud snoring with cessation of breathing interruped with gasps; from the greek word "apnea" meaning "want of breath". It can be the result of a collapsed air passage and potentially life-threatening.

Narcolepsy: Uncontrollable tendency to fall asleep suddenly and at inappropriate times.

Myoclonus & Restless Legs Syndrome: Limb jerking, crawling or burning sensation.

Insomnia: The inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. It can be short-term or chronic, the result of mental or physical causes.